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kids dish for baby - yellow
kids dish for baby - yellow
kids dish for baby - yellow
kids dish for baby - yellow


kids dish for baby - yellow

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Extra-special food ware to get kids interested in mealtimes.

It can be a big step making the move to solid food. Ease your little ones into the fun of mealtimes with this charming tableware set.

The plate is sturdy and easy to grip, even in one hand, and features little bumps on its surface to help crush up different foods for easier eating.

A long spoon is also included that makes feeding your little one simple.

A great gift for big kids and adults, too! Perfect for snacks or side dishes, and comes in a delightfully presented box.

Microwave and dishwasher safe (*spoon: dishwasher only)
BPA and lead free
Temperature: -20ºC to 140ºC (*spoon: -20ºC to 100ºC)

Synthetic lacquerware(plate) - PET、 ABS resin Polyurethane coating
spoon - ABS resin

Weight: plate - approx. 63g ; spoon - approx. 7g

Size: plate - 170 w x 100 h x 25 d (mm) ; spoon - 164 w x 20 h (mm)
Size: 138 w x 110 h x 55 d (mm)